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Our loader tray


Our Loader tray

ride-_-go-separateur_Plan-de-travail Our loader tray

The Ride&Go loading tray is attached to an electric winch loading ramp. The advantage, compared to a drawer, is that it goes down to the ground and is equipped with a bib to easily load your quad, your motorcycle(s), your equipment. It has been designed to pass over the wheel passages of the picks-up, which allows to gain loading surface. It also fits for vans. There are 12 tie-down rings that you can modulate. Its installation is simple and allows you to load up to 400 kg. It is also possible to add 1 or 2 hooves to carry 1 or 2 motorcycle(s). There are 2 dimensions and we also tailor-made. A robust French product that allows you several loading solutions to transport what you want, and without needing anyone.

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ride-_-go-separateur-blanc Our loader tray

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ride-_-go-separateur_Plan-de-travail Our loader tray